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PC Sailing has created the first single handed sport boat. Upwind sailing the Bongo is pure sport boat hitting speeds of 6-7 kts, and downwind the ride is pure exhilaration. We've already achieved speeds of 20 kts in 24 kts of wind.

Want to become a better sailor? Then this is the boat for you. If you want to improve your racing skills the Bongo has it all. And if you want to just have fun every weekend going for a sail then try the Bongo for its comfort, ease of sailing, and pure excitement.

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The deep floored, ergonomic cockpit allows you to sit naturally on the rail, and the raised boom eliminates crouching even during a tack. All sailors will appreciate the form fitting well designed support while hiking on the wing.

The one line reefing system makes it easy to adjust the mainsail size to fit a wide range of wind conditions and crew weights. And the well-designed one line launch and retrieval system keeps the spinnaker under control, so you can concentrate on going fast and having fun.

A central console puts sail controls in easy reach from any sailing position. Storage under the foredeck provides room for lunch or spare gear without interfering with the well-laid out cockpit. And even though the Bongo is designed to be sailed solo, the class allows double handed teams.

Stiff carbon blades provide smooth feel and control at all speeds, and the bulb keel provides the same stability as 140lbs of crew always trying to right the boat. That translates to more speed for a lot less work. The retractable bulb makes the boat just as easy to manage off the water whether it is hoisted or ramp launched.

The standard trailer will transport the Bongo to your favorite sailing spot. And the lightweight (7 lb tube) carbon mast is easy to rig solo so when you get there, you can spend more of your free time on the water.

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