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Who is the Bongo for?
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Sailors who want to become better sailors.
The Bongo will help any sailor at any level improve their skills.

Youth sailors looking to sail their own sport boat.
Youth sailors can sail double handed or fly in light breeze single handed while learning all aspects of rig tune, jib trim, main trim, A-sail trim, weight movement, steering, and sailing faster and with more control.
Big boat crews.
Your skipper will thank you after spending time in the Bongo. You will become the star crew.

Sport Boat Sailors.
If you are a crew or a skipper on a sport boat you will love the Bongo. The team will notice your sharpened skills.

Designed with both young and old
sailors in mind, the Bongo makes the
connection between the accelerating
thrill of high speed small boats and the
control and authority of keelboats. The
bulb keel gives you the ability to push and
have a safe recovery while you learn. You
will never age out of the Bongo.

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